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Saturday Practice Programming Contest



Rank Name Solved Time
1 OU A (OU) 1 5
2 Rice Blue (Rice) 1 6
3 OC Eagles (Okla. Christian) 1 7
4 Baylor Green (Baylor) 1 8
4 Texas A&M Maroon (Texas A&M) 1 8
6 Eminent Design (LeTourneau) 1 9
6 OU 1 (OU) 1 9
6 Texas A&M White (Texas A&M) 1 9
9 Aleph Naught (Tulsa) 1 11
9 Sudo make me a sandwich (ACU) 1 11
9 Texas A&M Aggies (Texas A&M) 1 11
Honorable Mention
Astral Implementation (LeTourneau)
Baylor Bears (Baylor)
Baylor Gold (Baylor)
Comets (UT Dallas)
Dakota Debuggers (MSU)
Dance Party (Trinity U.)
Gold (LSU)
Hilltop (SMU)
Illustrious Specifications (LeTourneau)
Java the Hutt (ASU)
Kiowa Koders (MSU)
Last Chance (Trinity U.)
MSU Team 1 (McNeese)
MSU Team 2 (McNeese)
MSU Team 3 (McNeese)
Mustangs (SMU)
OC Talons (Okla. Christian)
Ocelot (UTB)
Patriots Orange (UT Tyler)
Peruna (SMU)
Planets (UT Dallas)
Pony Power (SMU)
Queued (Lamar Univ.)
Rice Gray (Rice)
Rice Owls (Rice)
Scalanauts (Trinity U.)
Stacked (Lamar Univ.)
Stars (UT Dallas)
Texas State (Texas State)
The Golden Spiral (Tulsa)
Turing Tested (Tulsa)
UT Team 1 (UT Austin)
UT Team 3 (UT Austin)
University of Dallas (University of Dallas)
Warhawks (ULM Indians)
acm-uta2 (UT Arlington)
love (LSU)
su equipo (Southwestern U)
su root (Southwestern U)
Updated Sat Nov 2 10:35:01 2013 Description of the "Finals" report: Standings as they are displayed at the conclusion of the ACM ICPC World Finals - Penalty Points are considered and displayed only for the top ten teams; the remaining teams who have solved at least the median number of problems are grouped alphabetically by number solved; the rest of the teams are listed as "Honorable Mention".